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     Tom Lemon and Art "Cookie" Kazanjian are true Nostalgia racers. Long before the Nostalgia Racing movement began to pick up speed, Tom and Cookie started racing together back in 1966. Through a mutual friend, the late John Egan, who became team manager, the pair met and pooled resources to race a Chevrolet powered Thunderbird, then later a series of Supercharged Gasoline Funny Cars with Tom handling the driving duties.

     In 1980, the pair parted company and Tom went on to campaign his own Alcohol fueled Funny Cars. Cookie continued with other racing ventures. In the late 1980's, Tom retired from the driver's seat and continued competing with different drivers in his car. 

     In 2004, Rian Konno began driving Tom's Alcohol Funny Car. They competed with that car for several years. In 2010, when they decided to convert that car to compete in Nostalgia Funny Car, John Egan once again got the Kazanjian and Lemon pair teamed up, now with Konno at the wheel.

     For many competitors in the Nostalgia Funny Car class, it is an attractive class to run because of the fierce competition and it is a great representation of Drag Racing's "Golden Years". For Kazanjian and Lemon, it is real Nostalgia, now with Nitromethane thrown in!

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